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BPM - Business Process Management at the service of outsourcing

The services offered

Business application management
Application Delivery
Personnel Outsourcing
NOC - Network Operation Center
MDM - Mobile Device Management
Printing service
Digital Workplace

BPM - Business Process Management at the service of outsourcing

outsourcing enables the achievement of a dual objective.
On one side outsourcing the IT sector allows companies to vary their fixed costs, thus increasing the flexibility of the organization.

On the other hand, outsourcing frees up valuable internal resources to dedicate to the company's core business. Rekeep Digital proposes both the outsourcing of the entire IT sector and individual components.

The objective of the Rekeep Digital delivery model is to efficiently provide high quality IT Outsourcing services, standardized but adaptable to the Customer's needs.

The advantages

Tertiary compared to the "Big player" of the IT sector
Ability to internalize people
Strong governance capacity
Analysis and predetermination of the type of service and cost reduction
Constant technological updating

Building management services

A complete service for the definition and management of technical data

The services offered

Reference master data for maintenance management
Account reconciliation for asset alignment with the related accounting position
Building file for the management of technical, regulatory and performance documentation of buildings
Continuous updating of technical master data
Census of architectural and implant assets
Local labeling and assets
BIM - Building Information Modeling
Indoor navigation

Modern organizations have a growing need to know in an accurate and extremely detailed way their architectural and plant heritage. Modern technologies make it possible to obtain and keep this knowledge constantly updated while maintaining simplicity and speed of use and information management.
Only in this way, in fact, the information collected can become an effective tool to support the process of decision making.

Rekeep Digital provides its customers with simple and intuitive analysis dashboards that are an effective decision support tool for asset management optimization.

The advantages

Detailed knowledge of the architectural and plant heritage
Valorization of heritage
Innovative solutions for heritage navigation
Production, updating and consultation of plant documents and relative schedule

Contact services

A state-of-the-art service center that can support 360 ° 24 / 7

The services offered

Customer Service
Coordination operations center
Help Desk and assistance through a ticketing system
Outbound campaigns
CUP Service - Single Booking Center

Rekeep Digital provides its customers with an operations center able to provide a wide range of inbound and outbound services. Assistance and support is done remotely, 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7.

The multi-channel platform used for the management of the activities allows to operate simultaneously on different communication channels (chat, social media, email). All operators are highly qualified, multilingual and directly employed

The extremely flexible organization of the Contact Center allows you to configure the services provided, customizing them according to customer needs, maximizing their effectiveness and quality.o.

The advantages

Competence, specialization and professionalism of Italian mother-tongue personnel
Customized design of the service model according to customer needs
Cost reduction and predetermination
Services with high technological content

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The new company Rekeep Digital was born with the specific intent to propose to the market innovative solutions with high technological content, oriented to continuous improvement. We offer customers technological services based on new digital trends.