Rekeep Digital offers the healthcare world a scalable package of services that can be adapted to different healthcare situations;
Hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, hospitals and home services: every reality, from the most complex to the most lean, will be able to identify, thanks to our consultants and our modular proposal, the solution that best suits your competitive environment.

Offered services:

Consulting (BPM)

Due Diligence
Process analysis and optimization (BPM)
Definition of IT Evolution strategies
Change Management
Risk Management
Services & Solutions

IT outsourcing

Macro and Micro Health Logistics
Application Solutions - Electronic Medical Record
Application Solutions - Integrated Home Assistance
Application Solutions - CUP
Marketing Support

CUP - Single Booking Center

Supplementary Customer Care Service to the CUP
Contact Center for taking charge
Prevention Campaigns
New communication channels

Related Services

Wayfinding & Indoor Navigation
Equipment and Asset Traceability
Architectural Censuses and assets reconciliations
Design in BIM


Personal care technologies

Rekeep Digital strengthens its healthcare offering with the e-Hospice package. A suite of IT services and innovative solutions in respect of the centrality of the person and the relative clinical-assistance path.

A world of services dedicated to the Hospice market, which revolves around the dematerialization of the Medical Record.
Thanks to the technological investments supported by Rekeep Digital, the e-Hospice package will also allow small businesses a scalable, personalized and accessible service.

Rekeep Digital has chosen Lutech as its technological partner, with wHospice, a product of the wHealth web platform.

A new approach to Information Technology whose focal points can be summarized as:

A secure system, capable of guaranteeing patient privacy and fully complying with the GDPR legislation
An integrated system with Regional Information Systems and Flows
A complete and turnkey service able to cover all areas of the Clinical Folder dematerialization project.


Supply and Configuration of the Electronic Medical Record
Digital signature and replacement storage
Integration with equipment and systems
Supplies and rental hardware and mobile devices. Workplace Assistance and Management
Training and coaching
Support and support h24, 365 per year
Big Data Analysis and Advanced Reporting
Process analysis and engineering

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The new company Rekeep Digital was born with the specific intent to propose to the market innovative solutions with high technological content, oriented to continuous improvement. We offer customers technological services based on new digital trends.