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Contact Center: the telephone service for the customer

Taking care of the customer is one of the essential elements of every company that wants to be successful and famous.

To make a good name it is natural that there should be customers who appreciate our work and feel pampered in every way.

The key to Customer Care è clearly reach the customer and make them feel at ease with the service we offer.

And this is how the Contact Center also acts, which is one of its basic tools. The goal is to halve / speed up the work of the company and to offer the best to consumers: a complete package.

What indeed does it take to dedicate precious time to activities that can very well be delegated to others?

Obviously not any people but highly specialized in this sector. Making our company flexible is a duty to be fulfilled today, allows us to extend our customer network and to engage more in certain other core areas of our company.

IT Outsourcing: Telephone Services as Contact Center and CUP

One of the targeted services that our company offers is the Contact Center: a new way of managing contacts controlled by a team of experts who take care of your client's H24 by reporting messages, information, promotions and making appointments.

One of the examples of success is the CUP (Single Booking Center), in the medical field this service allows you to book diagnostic and specialist services by calling or directly online on the hospital company website.

The entire network of interested parties can, through various channels, maintain contact and have the company always at hand.

Monitoring is also an integral part of our team's work: to assess whether it is effective or not, it must receive constructive criticism from those who use the service.

A concrete example where it emerges how the CUP is a tool now used by anyone because the CUP of the Israelite Hospital of Rome is successful.

In this context the calculated annual calls are more than 500.000, the full-time operators dedicated to this activity are 15.

In summary, we find: competence, quality, speed and efficiency.

What are the services offered by Customer Care

The term "Customer Care" refers to a wide range of services aimed at making the customer satisfied.

In this category we find specific activities such as the Appointment Service.

Specifically, this is an outbound service that manages the sales network of the customer. The company in question provides lists of "final" consumers to contact, customers who therefore already have relations with the company and who must be contacted to evaluate the state of sale.

But that's not all: taking appointments, especially in hospitals, is an important burden that would take up precious time for the company, that's why this activity is also entrusted to an external team.

A concrete example of success can be found in the history of Rekeep Spa, an operator active in Italy in the Integrated Facility Management that supports health activities, the environment and the territory by addressing public and private customers.

In this company our Help Desk and Customer Care management services have been really excellent, and the numbers speak for themselves: 400k annual reports processed, 800k automatic calls to installations.

This result was achieved through the meticulous work that was done by our team, an activity that was also influenced in the Valle Umbria Servizi with 60k called annually.

After-Sales Customer Service: Customer Satisfaction

The team's work is not an end in itself. With experience we have understood that it is essential to also know the opinion of consumers who rely on our service.

This means that once the main sales activity has taken place, taking appointments etc. Customer satisfaction is required.

In fact, receiving constructive criticism or appreciation helps our team to improve and always be in step with the customer's needs.

When a company is not interested in this fundamental aspect it will never have the opportunity to grow and expand its consumer network.

Very often, in fact, when customers do not receive the service they expect, they tend to go to another place or complain to other potential customers about the scarcity and inefficiency of the services they have today.

This step also involves a loss of confidence in the company for which the second company operates. In other words, we are in a situation with no escape.

To avoid having to arrive at a point without a return like the one just described, it is good to follow the rule of the four key words: competence, quality, speed and efficiency.

Process & Outsourcing Technology: the Contact Center optimizes times

Il Process & Outsourcing Technology is an effective and functional method to optimize company times.

Outsourcing means entrusting to an external partner specific operations, processes, campaigns currently in vogue.

This results in a consequent halving of the most difficult to manage activities, a telephone service is in fact a laborious method to be managed in parallel with the key tasks of the company.

The effectiveness of the choice to entrust this Contact Center service to a company like ours is synonymous with increasing the business of that specific company, in addition also the possibility of varying one's fixed costs makes the whole society more flexible and open with respect to a closed and independent system.

Secondly, to spend staff in strictly corporate activities rather than in secondary but necessary activities allows to improve the quality of the core business itself.

choose to digitize the entire Consumer Care service entrusting it to our organization is therefore not a risky decision but a guarantee, we are a sort of pillow on which everyone can easily lean.

As we are a multi-form company that applies in various sectors in a dynamic way, we do not only deal with this single aspect of the Contact Center but we can also efficiently manage the customer assistance system.

The so-called Help Desk deals exactly with this.

Our operations center is able to act actively in case of monitoring, coordination and reporting of the customer's processes.

Furthermore, even if assistance is needed, our operators are able to act independently.

This is exactly the Help Desk system mentioned above: an inbound service that allows tracking and monitoring of user requests and response times to reported problems.

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