Rekeep Digital has a continuous improvement program that has already produced two fundamental Certifications.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015
Design and implementation of Process & Technology Outsourcing for public and private clients. Provision of the call center service.

The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification places the customer and its full satisfaction at the center of the quality management system. A corporate "vision" understood as a set of interrelated processes aimed at providing products and services that respond constantly and punctually to the set requirements. In it is defined as the fundamental process the importance of pursuing the continuous improvement of performance.

UNI EN 15838: 2010

Design and supply of customized Contact Center services - h24 - inbound and outbound for public and private clients

The contact centers with the customer (CCC) play an important role of interaction between the organization that purchases the CCC service and its customers. The UNI EN 15838 standard: 2010 sets the goal in defining service quality requirements, common to all centers and, regardless of the service sector, a technical service approach or service provider. The standard is applicable both to in-house contact centers and to those in external assignment (outsourcing).

The adaptation to the standard is voluntary and aims to produce in those who adopt it the following advantages:

  1. quality improvement in customer contacts, able to give competitive impetus to the organization and eliminate the risk of negative criticism of services by the customer;
  2. cost containment through process optimization and better understanding of contact center services, while safeguarding the quality and effectiveness of results;
  3. increased retention of staff who feel valued and understood because of the importance of their contribution to the success of the service and in achieving the objectives;
  4. customer satisfaction.

For more details see our Quality Policy.

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The new company Rekeep Digital was born with the specific intent to propose to the market innovative solutions with high technological content, oriented to continuous improvement. We offer customers technological services based on new digital trends.